Welcome to Cucina Cinzia!

Cucina Cinzia started as the lovechild of a special friendship forged in Florence during my extended stay.  

Some of the best times we spent together were around a Tuscan Table, with local, fresh ingredients: green fragrant olive oil, crusty bread, vegetables from the local farms and markets, and meats and cheeses from the local artisans.  And beyond the food itself, the hospitality, the warmth, the feeling that there was always space at the table for one more.

Eventually I came back to London but our friendship stayed strong and with the growth of the Supperclub movement in London, we saw an opportunity to share our Tuscan table with others!  Throughout 2010, we opened my home to a few diners, once a month and we spent an afternoon cooking, and an evening sharing Cinzia’s authentic Tuscan food, lovingly prepared.

The centre of the activity has moved back to Florence, where Cinzia is now hosting dinners on demand.  If you are coming to Florence get in touch and she can arrange a dinner in a private home (different homes depending on the size of your party).  She also has arrangements with several agriturismos, or if you are renting a villa, she can come to you and cater dinner or a party.  In addition to meals, Cinzia leads cooking lessons, starting where all good meals start – the local market – and ending around the table. Cinzia and her colleague Sandra are delighted to share their love for cooking, and for the authentic food culture of the region.  For information and reservations, please email info@cucinacinzia.com.

Buon apetito!